To love something deeply would appear at first sight to be the most natural feeling, but to love something instinctively from generation to generation, less so.
The love for the sea comes from my father, who silently passed it on, from father to son as a pure passion.

My father had been making and selling watches with his family since the 1940s. After a few years he was able to make one of his own joint ventures combining his two greatest passions; the sea and his love for the complicated, fascinating mechanisms that regulate the perfect functioning of a watch, and consequently of time it self, joining them in the study of craftsmanship and constant research that only a pure vocation can provide.


I worked many years for the family firm “Squale” and now I have decided, as my father had done in his time, to start my own production, made in Italy. The designs will be 60s inspired and come with the advantage of using innovative manufacturing techniques. Research and development never stops, combining various types of traditional materials such as bronze with highly innovative materials such as carbon fibre – this is just one example of how products can be made combining the love of design with the highest of quality.

Maggi Officine cooperates with various highly innovative companies in the technology sector. Even for our limited edition watches, our workshops uses high strength materials, used in space based applications and Formula One.

We want to offer our customers the maximum in technology and research, and our most important mission, today more than ever, is to offer them a totally direct relationship, from every point of view, from a simple exchange of opinions, to an experience tailored to the individual needs of each customer, allowing Maggi Officine to create a product for each particular need of those who appreciate the care and love of detail.



The M1 Maggi Officine is the perfect choice for people that live and breath for ocean sports from deep sea diving to sailing crystal waters.


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Maggi Officine
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